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About Us

About DiaPrep System Inc.

DiaPrep Systems Inc. (DiaPrep) is an alliance of organizations that carries out scientific and practical, educational, advisory and other activities in the framework of programs aimed at improving the health of populations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) countries and elsewhere.

DiaPrep Systems Inc., founded in 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA, provides assistance in establishing and operating diagnostic facilities in the EECA region, identifying high-quality components that meet the needs of the region for producing diagnostic kits, including the most essential public health tests for HIV, viral hepatitis, and other diseases. DiaPrep provides multilateral scientific and practical support on ways to enhance the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

DiaPrep uses evidence-based scientific data and provides high-quality scientific and practical advice on public health issues with a focus on the use of rapid testing (RT). RT is now the “go to” method for diagnosing diseases worldwide because it enables workplace testing, does not require expensive equipment, and has similar sensitivity and specificity to serological laboratory methods.


Our core values

High quality. DiaPrep only uses diagnostic products that fully comply with the European Union (EU) directive for medical devices and carry a CE certification mark. The CE certificate indicates that medical devices comply with health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

DiaPrep works with regional reference laboratories to assess and control the quality of diagnostic reagents and products for serological and molecular biological studies.

Working for society. DiaPrep is a social enterprise. Our activities are aimed at promoting modern, reliable, and affordable methods of diagnosis and prevention of socially significant infectious diseases.


Our Mission

DiaPrep is organized and functions on social business principles. DiaPrep’s primary goal is to promote social change in the public health field, where improvement is most needed and has the most challenges.

We support the public health care efforts of government, private, and non-profit institutions in pursuing the goals of well-being and of protecting public health.


Our Vision

DiaPrep focuses on strengthening public health care by introducing advanced technologies and by improving the professional and infrastructural levels of public health care systems.


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