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Professor Michael O. Favorov, M.D., is an international expert in public health and epidemiology, who has devoted over 40 years to the study and prevention of infectious diseases in various regions of the world – starting from rare types of hepatitis in Central Asia to typhoid fever in Kenya and Mali.

Dr. Favorov led the National Center for Viral Hepatitis of the USSR; described the epidemiology, clinics, and outcomes of viral hepatitis E; developed and implemented methods for the serological and molecular diagnosis of hepatitis E; and implemented methods for treating severe forms of hepatitis E, which led to a significant decrease in mortality of pregnant women treated.

As Regional Director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) program in Central Asia, Dr. Favorov contributed to the implementation of sentinel surveillance of HIV infection, hepatitis C, and syphilis in at-risk groups; introduced a universal vaccination program for newborns against viral hepatitis B; participated in the adaptation and implementation of the DOTS principles of treatment of tuberculosis, which led to the preservation of tens of thousands of lives in the region; initiated the implementation of a program to ensure and control the quality of laboratory diagnosis of HIV and tuberculosis; and helped create an applied epidemiology training program in five Central Asian countries.

As Deputy Director General of the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), Dr. Favorov was involved in the implementation of vaccination programs for typhoid fever, papilloma virus, cholera, influenza, pneumococcal infection, meningococcal infection, BCG, and others. He also managed field burden assessment studies, pre-licensing vaccination clinical trials, and demonstration projects to assess the feasibility and impact of vaccinations.

Dr. Favorov is a member of the American Society of Microbiology (since 1993) and the author of more than 100 scientific studies


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