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Key focus areas         

DiaPrep provides a wide range of advisory services for strategic planning, development, and improvement of national health policy and programming models, based on evidence-based approaches that contribute to the modernization, rationalization, and effectiveness of interventions to improve public health.

DiaPrep assists with improving the education levels of medical service providers; promotes the use of modern, reliable, and affordable diagnostic tools for the control and prevention of socially significant infectious diseases; and strengthens laboratory systems to ensure high quality standards of testing.


Consulting services offered by DiaPrep

  • Career enhancement of medical workers with the assistance of specialists with working experience with the CDC and US universities.
  • Assistance in developing strategies for the creation and implementation of regulatory frameworks and for developing and improving public and private health care systems based on World Health Organization (WHO) standards and recommendations.
  • Recommendations for planning and implementing internationally recognized programs for diagnosing and treating diseases in accordance with WHO recommendations.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of existing national health programs with the involvement of international public health experts.
  • Consultations on the implementation of internationally recognized methods for diagnosing diseases, including instrumental, serological, and molecular biological methods.
  • Advisory assistance on strengthening laboratory systems in accordance with up-to-date requirements for quality laboratory research.



In 2018, DiaPrep was awarded the exclusive distribution rights in 11 countries for rapid tests for HIV, hepatitis C, and syphilis by a firm whose tests are certified as meeting EU standards (European Quality Certificate, CE Mark).

DiaPrep has current projects in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan—all related to HIV and viral hepatitis rapid diagnostic testing, control, and prevention.

DiaPrep is fostering collaborative efforts on the elimination of viral hepatitis C in the EECA region.

In 2018, DiaPrep Systems Inc. signed a Material Transfer Agreement with the CDC in relation to a viral hepatitis C rapid testing project.